today I declared my independence.

After a long discussion with myself I decided that it was time to break free, from NPR. I got introduced to public radio around the time that bush was reelected, and I must say that it was a terrible choice. Not only did popping my political cherry ruin my views on the world it also drove me into innumerable depressions because of epiphanies that occurred through the process of life.

One such show on NPR that ruined me was Democracy Now! As much as this show brings to the table it also takes away. Among other things you will hear about the Middle East, Kosovo, Mexico and disgruntled workers in the USA, the Middle East clearly winning the tally though. The problem is not really the topics, in my opinion, its not the sadness and inferiority complex that some that I talk to about this stuff show off, its got more to do with the lack of action after the fact.

What is the point in bringing something up and declaring it to be a problem when you aren’t going to be doing anything about it? I have heard too many stories about great atrocities being committed and seen little or nothing being done about it; too many soldiers died and too many promises broken. I have burned out and I can’t stand it any more.

A great example of this is the war in Iraq. From day one people were saying that it was wrong, unjust, a lie etc, and from day one it was all of those things. It went unchallenged for years basically under the guise of a war on terrorism, when I have friends in Iraq who were there to see what actually happened. It’s a pain in the ass trying to convince people here in America about what is going on over there. Just last week I went to see Babel; the intro to the movie focuses on a pair of Moroccan children and a gun. A guy in his late twenties came in and sat down next to me, which I want to point out that I respect all buffer laws in theatres and this guy didn’t so ill rant about that at a later time. Not ten minutes into this story the guy takes it upon himself to ask his girlfriend “why [she] brought him to see a movie about terrorists.” All of the witty jokes aside, it was bad tact and the guy was clearly one of those folks I mentioned above.

No more NPR for me. I’ll be headed back to 70/80’s Rock and R&B.

Take care everyone