Back from the compiler land

Hey folks, long time no talk. I’ve been away working on WAW for the last few days gearing up for a release, which ended up getting pushed out, but was great none the less. For those who don’t know I’ve been working with them for about 2 months now, and met some really good people. They are always around and have accepted me in as family practically even though they have been working together for more than two years. The mod is an extension of their old mod, which someone out there may already know about being the number one inspiration for my mod, Firearms (FA for short). It’s got some very unique ideas and is for the most part just waiting on some help on the art front to catch up to everything else.

Aside from that, you should also know that not only am I coding a game, but I am playing one. There was a release in the beginning of December 2006. Rainbow Six: Vegas. Their newest addition to the Rainbow Six series, and I must say that if I was looking for a studio to work for… in regards to output, the Ubisoft/Clancy studio is doing a great job of making my mouth water. It has great screenshot capabilities, but most of all… it has great abilities as a game.

The most notable feature that I can think of comes from the ability to press against walls, and lean into a room to check it out. I don’t know how they did their hit boxes && collision meshes for that to work, but it does and it plays a huge roll in the game. Those CS addicts out there will be falling apart, being blown limb from limb if they try to be hard headed and continue running into rooms in those same meaningless and non-tactical AWP whoring techniques. This game takes tactics to a whole new level and I hope that game companies the world around take a hint from this one and incorporate at least some of its features into it.

Aside from that I’m still chugging away at the stances, and will do a public release some time in the next couple weeks. I have already got the code working, and while there are a few bugs I think It’s well enough that you can ignore the issues because of the abilities that it offers you. In fact, I have the ability to add stances in the middle of the game if I wish, it is that dynamic. The only things I would like to work on in the near future is the networking aspect of the code, because the client is trying to, and failing, keep up with the server. It works fine, its predictable but its not necessary for the code to be echoed through to the client, while the client is still required for actually moving the camera, the server needs to handle the code so no one hacks it and brings back the prone periscope camera.

And finally, you may have noticed a few changes around here. For instance the header now has links to a project management. If you look into the forum you should see a section called “Think Tank” which is going to become the melting pot for our projects to be built up. Post and discuss your ideas for a project that you want to take up and see what our staff and friends have to say about it. I have already broken the ice by posting a few of my ideas and it looks like one has already caught on, and we have already started planning for it, and its pilot is being hosted on so if you want to join in please feel free to join up.

And as always, Thanks for reading, and I hope your coding/development habits don’t lead to jail time.

Take care

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