Another damned loser

One of the more irritating things in the interwebs is the overwhelming amount of and diversity of spam. The shit infiltrates my email, my forums, my blog, comment systems, wiki’s, my fucking snail mail and for some reason it never stops. In fact, spamming is becoming the next greatest way to get popular…

A while ago there was a post on digg where a person gained a bunch of views and popularity to his site because his layout was absolutely terrible, and he should have never gotten his post beyond the bottom rung of the digg ladder. Unfortunately, as with most everything on the tubes, stupid people tend to gravitate to each other. Its like the gaping chasm between their ears is able to allow their skulls to resonate, like the penguins do. They call to each other “IM STUPID, durr,” and another responds, “SO AM I! W007 OMGROFLMFAOWSMOMN!!!!111” This post that would have gone without so much as a glance from anyone who had gotten through third grade without eating at least four gars of paste and at least been dropped by their parents, hopefully on purpose when they found out what they were really going to be raising, suddenly received a number of diggs, 4000+ to date, and has continued to gain popularity because of something that should again, drive people away, according to the usability tests that I have been a part of, TERRIBLE DESIGN!

This guys site is fucking terrible, loud colors, and weird dynamics leading to some very shitty god damned outcomes. Anyways, today I was hoping to be able to scan through my messages, forums, and wiki, as I always do every few hours, and my jaw dropped when I scanned through the design rss feed… the fucker was on there again challenging people to a contest to redesign his site! THE NERVE. And not to mention that, but the kid is doing it well too, another one of these posts that is becoming a heavy traffic driving zone for his site. The kid is able to con the system. Punk!

  • I will forward this to my boss. GENIUS!