Bring on the email!

this past week I have probably received the most emails than any other with this site functioning. Everyone is absolutely amazing, and from the input that I got, you may have noticed a few changes to the site… nudge nudge wink wink. I had originally gone with the red colored layout but I had a few people tell me they didn’t like it, but with this new group of folks who actually email, I am newly driven to continue my redness. I also turned on the fixed width page layout, mainly to appease some of the more vocal users who are not registering… If you are looking for the original layout, I moved its colors over to this as well, and It’s ready to roll. Only catch is that you have to login if you want to use it. There is a new link up top as well, that forwards you to a new page that will eventually become a full listing of everything that I have released on or its subsidiaries. I hope that all helps you guys, and where there are issues, please, don’t be shy. I don’t bite, any more.

For those of you who are on that myspace garbage, I have again opened up my acct in order to keep in touch with a few of my long time friends that i really can’t do without. and will be open for discussion as to how it gets skinned in the near future.

I will be around, preparing my PHP db classes/framework for release in the coming two days.

Keep your eyes open.