Dillism – The pursuit of happiness

the truth remains quite a disparity; there are still only two types of people in the world. Those who do and those who don’t; those who read and those who apparently don’t know they can’t because they haven’t yet realized it… I am frightened to hear that there are yet more and more of these dualities coming to light and none of them really make for much healthy discourse. Many of these are opinions on many “political” issues such as freedom of speech or religion.

Religion in particular has become a focal point of todays scientists, and I can’t stress how important it is for us all to begin listening to and expanding our own minds with their arguments. Books like The God Delusion, from the inspirational mind of Richard Dawkins, Conventions like Beyond Belief with speakers like Steven Weinberg and my favorite visionary driving force Neil deGrasse Tyson, author of Death By Black Hole – And Other Cosmic Quandaries which is another great book, are popping up and becoming more influential in their methods of persuading people to release their captive thoughts and at least open themselves up to the possibilities of what may be out there.

What if Christianity is wrong? What if the universe actually does revolve around us? What if 1 + 2 doesn’t in fact equal 3? I was recently asked what I would do if when I died god looked at me and gave me a stern finger shaking for not having the belief in “him” that he had expected. There are quite a few people who think that I am going to be damned to an eternity of hell and damnation, as that is what I have been told. I believe that there is a fundamental issue that needs to be understood, about me, before any of you pass judgment. I am not one to jump on a bandwagon, I don’t like large groups of people believing anything and would do everything in my power to ensure that not only do I not surround myself with people who believe what I do, I hope to find as many people who have the will to stand up and say they are right and make them my closest friends.

I was broken from Christianity at a young age, realizing that the world was far from perfect and if there was a god that she was probably a total butch dike asshole and would probably get more enjoyment out of sending me downstairs to allowing me to come inside. Strong words aside, I think my point then stands to show that at an early age I was able to realize that not only, as Richard Dawkins points out, was it impossible for all religions to be correct, that in fact there was a strong possibility that they were all wrong.

Through my extremely liberal education, here in California, I have been exposed to every walk of life, belief and type of people. Along the way one of my teachers, he looked like Colonel Sanders mind you, showed me rock, and how it had been around for so long. He explained Carbon dating and a number of other things that could not be explained away by a touch of god, without opening up the possibility for something else.

The only way I can envision a god is if she is a parent. She gave birth to us and created a great environment for us to take advantage of and sap, but at the same time she knows that she can’t hold our hand forever. She helped Adam deal with loneliness, and a few other smaller feats. Eventually she put our ball caps on, and snugged up our coats right before planting her sexy foot on our asses and telling us to get out and make something of our selves. If there was a god, all knowing and omnipresent and so on, I think that they would be incredibly dull, and for that reason alone, I find it appalling to believe in such a dull person. Here I am struggling, and fighting for every inch of forward motion that I can find, rubbing dimes together for warmth, and this being is watching us and we just kind of have to believe or we just kind of get doomed to endure worse? If you look back on your history you will find that there are many instances where people stood up against a king or other form of ruler for these vary reasons. We should not bow to god, she should bow to us.

I am sure I stirred up quite a bit of mucus with the previous paragraph, but I want you to know that you are still able to keep your own beliefs. Here is the other option. If god created our planet in a week and made us in a day than quite possibly she wanted to have us move away from her. She made us into beings that valued empirical data and at the same time expect us to have faith in her existence? That in and of itself makes no sense. She created all of these hints and clues at us having extremely long periods of time between the earth’s conception, and yet she would try to convince us that there have only been a few thousands of years? Arthur C Clarke is a better theorist than that, and he envisioned a fucking monolith standing up and granting monkeys the ability to club each other; at least he had some fun with it and made it realistic, god… Maybe Europa is the answer…

I stand firm in my atheism, and apart from god showing himself in my code somewhere and showing me how to develop the next great application, making sure to sign the end with ‘Yours Eternally, But you should already know that, God. XOXOX’ I don’t think that I’m going to be swayed. I want it to be completely clear; I don’t expect my essay here to change anyone’s minds. these are my thoughts and if anything you should be looking to get your mind the information it needs to support your beliefs, not getting crazy with me about how I don’t believe what you believe. I can only hope that I am taken to your hell, where if i play the odds, ill meet you there as well.

He hoped and prayed that there wasn’t an afterlife. Then he realized there was a contradiction involved here and merely hoped that there wasn’t an afterlife.
Douglas Adams