Diggnation Argument # 423

For those of you who care, there was another argument in the Diggnation camp, only this time It’s over a new MS product called Surface. From what I was able to piece together from the video and this discussion, Alex is angry and grumpy. Surface is not anything that’s special, as we have already seen a number of videos on Diggnation itself about the bar top and tables doing the same shit, but now that It’s got Microsoft’s name on it Alex is trying to make a point that Kevin is a fan boy of the apple stuff, which is not even a mystery to Helen Keller. There have been quite a few times that they get into an argument over the significance of a story, but I really don’t understand the problem here. In the past they bounce back and forth, and eventually burn the topic into the ground but this is a solid 7 minutes of argument that goes nowhere.