New Feature on the horizon

One idea I have been tossing around for some time now is to have a weekly or bi monthly challenge on the site. Originally I was approached to come up with 45 challenges for Perl developers but I think this will be more fun if things are kept a bit more open, and not alienating specific language or people.

The challenges will range from artistry and graphic design to programming to technical writing to whatever other doors open up in the future, but at this point in time the programming challenges are going to be the focus. The way this is going to work flows as follows. A challenge will be posted on the right hand side with a link to the detailed requirements in the wiki. All entries are to be submitted to an email address as yet to be determined and are to be written in two languages. Depending on the challenge a base language may be chosen, leaving only the second to be determined by you.

All entries will be given a grade based on its readability (including commenting where applicable), usage of variables and how efficiently it completes the given task. The possibility to extend another piece of code, like say to write a drupal plugin or to write a small piece of HL2 code does exist, but for the most part I will try to include any and all pieces of the puzzle that would be taken for granted.

Keep your eyes open and get ready to start sending them in.

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