traffic Racing – First one to 35 wins.

One of the more irritating things about living in the Silicon Valley is traffic. I spend nearly an hour a day trying to get where I should already be, and unfortunately It’s very boring. I’ve tried following an imaginary dirt bike as it jumps telephone wires along the highway or brushing my hair, and even trying to incite a riot. All of the above only lasted me a few minutes and eventually drove me into deeper veins of boredom and eventually to my most brilliant idea ever, while steaming in traffic.

The idea is Traffic Racing. I am confident that you all know what racing is, where you drive your car faster and hit better corners than your buddy and you win, well Traffic Racing is the same fucking idea. You are in your car, your buddy is in his, and you hit the roads at peak traffic. The metering lights act as the tree does in drag racing, allowing you to stage and eventually take off, one a second ahead of the other. You set a goal of getting say four miles down the road, to a pizza parlor (thank you round table), and you bob and weave through traffic (usually around 10mph) for the hour until you reach your destination. Loser gets to pay for the meal.

Sound like fun?! It fucking is! Go out and give it a try!