I miss my English classes =(

It has come to my attention over the last 7 months that I really miss my English classes. I have read nearly 20 books over the last 7 months (for those of you who cannot do the whole math thing that’s nearly three a month) and have another week left in July in which I may be able to finish the 21st. On top of the assigned reading I have even gone back into my writing and found that I really do love to write and document and explain.

I find that writing is a channel that I can stream my consciousness into. One that is allowing me to read articles like “The Cosmic Significance of Britney Spears,” or anything from the Mastering Ajax series, and be able to not just see the message but allow these articles to invoke a response out of me and have a place to put it. The process of developing my papers into full blown essays is often not as difficult as many of my friends find it; I have always found it easy to vent my anger and frustrations, as well as empathy, into a legible form that is not just easy on the eyes but also contains a message beyond the simplistic and or ad hominem attacks that many blogs seem to become.

When writing the tutorials that are featured on this site, and others apparently =), I was very proud to hear that people were not just enjoying the tutorials. Not only enjoying the tutorials, but they are finding them more helpful than anything that they can find elsewhere. “Bob, Keep up the good work, maybe ill be able to finally get this mod rolling!” “Hey man, these tutorials really helped me get the edge taken off. Hope to see more, maybe some stuff on shaders…” It was really empowering to hear from so many people that I was well versed in HL2, but more over that people respected my writing. I may not be a world renowned author or poet, but the fact that people appreciated my verbiage made the whole process a lot more fun and enjoyable.

I am going to put together a book listing, to begin keeping track of the books that I have read and start making recommendations and or taking suggestions. My genre range from computer technical manuals to reading about Ebola Zaire to Anthropology to Elves and warlocks to following Jack Ryan and his adventures in espionage, in other words, I have a genre that includes everything. I am currently reading about Social Engineering in a book called The Art of Deception, by the notorious engineer himself, Kevin Mitnick. Initially I didn’t know what to really expect. I knew it had to do with security and that it was going to help me better understand the processes involved, but I had no idea how detailed things were and how close Mitnick pulls the reader into the mind of both the attacker and the mark. I will think about doing some detailed reviews of articles that I have read, as well as the books, and get back on here to let you all know my thoughts.