In His Shoes

there always seems to be someone out there willing to suck it up and take it for the team, bringing up topics like “he shouldn’t be so negative” or “Let them have their beliefs.” Here in the US of A, the saying that seems to ring true is that my rights end when they impose on the rights of another. It is not fair or right for me to step on another man’s toes any more than it is for me to have mine stomped on. The parallel with what we have going on in the world of religion is this imposing attitude. Everyone with faith wants to save anyone without, or without his own. It is a complete falsehood to say that religions like Islam are not imposing their beliefs upon others, considering their goals of world domination and control; the same is true for Christianity for that matter.

Call it being saved, accepted, learning the truth, taught the way, or as in my opinion – recruited, all you wish. My belief is that your beliefs are shallow and unappreciative of the world around you and the beliefs it carries. I can back up my beliefs with fact, such as the number of people that I know that are “religious” that have not taken the time to pay their god the respect of at least reading his book, or the idea of putting myself in the shoes of someone back in the day who would have met Jesus:

“Hey, I am Jesus. My mother is a virgin!”
“Are you feeling alright?”
“Sure am, hey check this out… Give me your water cask.”
water changes to wine< /smoke>
“… You asshole. I was fucking drinking that. It’s not even noon yet! Are you trying to get crucified or something! You are a fucking drunk! God.”
“What? What is it. Dude, I’m sorry.”
“Can you please change that back or are you just the next David Blaine?”
“eh? Blaine?”
“Are you fucking serious. You ruin my water and you expect me to be fucking thankful?”
“Check this out!”
pours water on the sand…< /smoke>
“I can walk on water!”
“You cock! Now what am I going to drink! I have to go help design the new pyramid at Giza! Awe you ass, you got some on my fucking Etnies. I’m fucking done with you man.”
“But, Bob; I’m the son of god!”
“That’s such bullshit, and you know it. I even fucked your mom last week.”

For the number of people on this planet looking for, consciously, god to return to us, it really seems odd that anyone saying they are the next coming of Jesus isn’t put to more scrutiny or accepted. When I was in psych I met 4 that had been locked up for being convinced that they are Jesus. Sure they are all Jesus, and what not, but if god exists outside of time and space can’t that be? God is all knowing and powerful, but
No evidence of this has ever been provided supporting her existence
She does not pay more attention to the fact that we are looking for proof
She does not realize the number of followers that would be created by just doing something simple like… oh I don’t know signing her work?

There is a game that I found to be oddly interesting, called Black and White. You play a god, and you are in control of, indirectly more than not, a flock of followers. Sure the game was built by man and thusly flawed, but it was oh so interesting to find that you had to actually do work in order to get anywhere in the game. You had to keep track of your creature or it would go off and get its ass beat. You had to pick up trees and toss villagers and tell them where to build their homes, and trigger volcanoes. The amount of work it took to impress the villagers of a town was shocking, and yet… it seemed necessary. Here we are in a world of countless factions of people all believing in different gods, and none of us have seen a man thrown across a town. None of us have seen a tree uplifted and dropped into a sawmill. It is a sign of a lost mind to hear god speak to you in our world.

So what does all of this mean? In short – I have to support the words of Sam Harris, Douglas Adams, Richard Dawkins, Richard Hitchens, Pat Condell and countless other great authors and intelligent people. It is time for religion to take a back seat. It is far beyond the time that humanity gained It’s independence from such notions as a supreme being that not only has to exist, but one that refuses outright to give us reason to believe in him. I find my stability in the love and appreciation of the world around me and refuse to give a single being such love and admiration when she clearly does not exist in it.

If you are a religious person, I will not try to shake you from your beliefs, because as I said above, that is not my right. You have your facility to control your thoughts; it is your choice as to what you choose to believe. The fact of the matter is, not only do I not care if you choose to believe in god, but I do not want to know. I consider blind faith to be idiotic and in some ways, as those sited above have said, to be a diseased concept. When you were a child you were forced to accept your parents word because they needed you to stay safe, but now that you are older it is more important to humanity as a whole to begin questioning authority and begin understanding why things work they way they do instead of blindly accepting. Until you are able to stand on your own feet and think for yourself, you should not be allowed to influence the future of anyone else. Only a fool would put their future in the hands of a blind man.