The time to debate was then

As time goes on, and my understanding of the world expands I have only become more firm in my refusal to accept any religion or god as the one true one. Call me a blasphemer or a fool as you wish, but I really find no reason to worry, because if you are a person of true convictions and open mind as many religious people state, than you are just as confused about the world and its gnomes driving it as I am. You just take things a step further and attribute this lack of understanding to a, singular, all true, all knowing, and egocentric god.

The arguments for the existence of god are all flawed and without merit to be discussed here. I am going to instead try to explain why debate about god and or her existence is more than lame, it is unnecessary and needs to be brought to an end.

Last night I was having a discussion about some new bullshit program on CNN about the atrocities going on in the Middle East with a focus on women, and it occurred to me that these people are all fucked. The religious energy has found footing in its culture to an extent that stops their forward motion; it stops their ability to expand their knowledge and understanding of the universe. Think back in time to the middle ages or beyond. How embarrassing is it for us to admit that our ancestors believed that the world was flat? That their people were being killed by a just god rather than attributing the mass deaths of the plagues that have ravaged our world to the lack of understanding about microbes and washing ones hands after shitting. I for one am embarrassed, royally, and find it all too odd that religion has a foothold in such areas of our world, without fail – defacing whole areas and ruining momentum of understanding.

Sure, religion is not the issue, some say. Religion brings cause /meaning /purpose to an empty and causeless /meaningless /purposeless world. I would argue that if your life needs meaning and finds it in the sorrow, pain, annoyance, grief of others than you have mistaken yourself. Who is to say that the area in your life that brings you meaning will mean anything to me or another person, and who are you to bring me the word of your god in an effort to save/convert/molest me?

Every debate about religion thus far has had one striking similarity. Not a one has done anything to cause either side to actually consider the other side’s arguments. I would even go as far as to say that no one has been converted from any of the debates. Even the strong words of Christopher Hitchens go without moving Sean Hannity in the following volley,

CH You want your god to take responsibility for the huge number of collapsing stars, and imploding galaxies and destroyed universes, and failed solar systems that have left us in this tiny corner on the one planet in this petty solar system that can support life some of the time on some of its surface and you want a creator that has filled this earth with species since life began. 99% of which are now extinct already. This is some design isn’t it?

SH I will concede this point; Human beings I don’t think fully comprehend the majesty of god, because It’s not meant for us to know… From your position, when you really think about it, you are believing that there is a possibility, without a creator, that somehow energy has created itself or that energy predates any concept of time, for example something that can come out of nothing. Fundamentally there has to be that starting point. Or you’re saying or you are confirming your belief system.

CH No, that is what our minds demand. Our minds look for patterns.

To me, this seems like irrational thought process, obviously on the part of Sean Hannity. Later in the interview Sean Hannity goes on to attribute charity work to religion. This is a point that seems to be brought up by many a person, even that well known fuck head, Bill O’Reilly, who said the infamous But they are response when debating the same topic with one of his guests.

Arguing with people of unjustifiable or irrational beliefs and trying to adhere to rationality or justification is irrevocably wrong and difficult. I, of course, applaud people like Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins for putting their necks on the line and trying, but I don’t think their time is being well used. I get the distinct feeling that atheists are getting more and more heat for their lack of beliefs because of the new popularity of the term. People like those in opposition to the anti-theist arguments are all continuing to misquote and ruin the arguments in their coverage of weak and or misinformed people.

Sam Harris takes part in a discourse that ends rather abruptly, when he is cut off in his train of thought by one of the most intelligent arguments ever. That’s a lie. No It’s not, It’s actually scientific. As if saying these things makes them true. Three cheers for Fair and balanced coverage, which is another example of stating a falsehood in an effort to make it true.

These people have no footing in our realm of understanding and instead turn to repetition, being louder and doggedness to force their opinions into the minds of their watchers. These are the same people who flat out state that there is nothing that anyone can tell them that would make them give up their god.

If there is no means to argue with these people, and they insist on trying to belittle us and our lack of faith as if we are the simple minded ones, it should not be difficult to see why we need to begin looking to either argue differently with these people or not argue with them at all.

There have been many times in my life that I have wished for a being to take care of and give control over my life to in efforts to relieve stress or strife that I have been enduring; Countless times when I have looked up into the stars and thought… god damn, those guys are really fucking far away… There have been times when I thought about the distance and felt a need for an explanation. But in the back of my mind, I knew I couldn’t attribute it to a god of any kind. A feeling deep in my mind and rational thought process gave me reason to believe, for lack of a better word, the people before me were mistaken too many a time, in allowing a mysterious force to creep in and set up shop. I have always been an atheist, but not because I didn’t know better… because I will allow my children to know better.