My Blackberry

I have always been an opponent to so called smart phones, on grounds that I thought they were absurd. Cramming 95 different applications into a device that fits in my palm, and scrunching a keyboard down to fit on its face is still a bit dreamy to me, but I have to grant… They now have their place in my heart. That said, i would like you all to know that this is in no way a review of the phone, so much as a review of the issues i have with it.

Poor kids first. Secondly, I would like to say that scroll wheels went out in the 90’s. Its fun to play with, but it is really just irritating because I spend more time spinning the fucking wheel than I do actually hitting the buttons and sending messages. The scroll wheel is used to navigate between the millions of settings that are given to the user. Enter drops the selected entry to the next one, not selecting it, clicking and selecting takes five movements. Scroll over to and click the wheel to select it; a second time to say yes I want to edit this; then you scroll the wheel to select something; click the wheel again to actually make the selection; then you have to confirm you want to save it.That is probably my biggest issue with the phone. As I was told, however there are some other issues. Practically nothing is free for it. GTalk and AIM are, but that is about it. I really have issues with paying for anything, especially when it provides access to a service that is free, like MSN or another chatting protocol like IRC. There is no camera, which is not really a bad thing, but it would really be interesting considering it has a 40 Meg drive on it. Since I mention the fact that it has a hard drive, it would be intuitive to believe that it works as a drive. It does not. In fact, it is not very easy to “sync” your files with it at all. I am sure it will become easier as time goes on and I get used to the way it works, but I am not fond of this aspect in particular. I have a 2gb USB key that I use to work on files from day to day, and its no bigger than a dime (now quarter… thank you inflation) pack of gum. Why don’t I have 2 GB of space on my blackberry?

The other issues I would like to point out are this whole issue with stability. I have had this thing for 4 days now and its already restarted without my input twice and flat out locked up three times. I was expecting these sorts of woes to land a couple months out after I dropped it a couple times, but I am not judging it too harshly. It is interesting to feel the dynamic of being able to answer emails from school, in between classes of course. Especially when they are minor and/or do not matter enough to spend more than a line or two on them. Therefore, it is definitely useful, especially if you receive an abundance of email that you only glaze over and then gtfo.