E! True Hollywood Life – A bored game

How much I hate popularity varies from day to day. Occasionally I get into ruts where I find discussion about Paris Hiltons new garb or the new addition to the Jolie family or worse yet, the new rims 50 cent is sporting, to be horrendous. With the percentages of wealth that is dispersed as it is, I find such things to be asinine and absurd to care about. What does the color of shoe being worn by Sarah Michelle Gellar or or style of wrist watch that Matt Damon chooses to wear on any given day have to do with the price of tea in china? The answer is nothing, and because of that I have been inspired to expand on a game that many of us may have played in our youth.

The Game of Life highlights some of the everyday events that common folks deal with. Salaries, child birth, loss of jobs, career change and many other chance occurrences that fall within the spectrum of our lives are put onto cards and pulled from a stack depending on where you land as you make your way through the boards maze of events. The goal is to get to the end, retire and have the most money left over, but similar to how I always lost at monopoly I never really liked this game because my car was always full of children and I rarely had a dime to my name.

If the game of Life parallels our lives as common folk, it has occurred to me that we aren’t really of the same caliber as these celebrities. My childhood was pockmarked by what if questions of my parents and countless times I stumped them with the one that sat over all of it… what makes them better people? They clearly seem to have more freedom to do what they want to do. They have money and they have a lot of it. That is to say, they had more than my family had when I was a child, and most definitely more than my family has now. I would wager that these actors pulling 3.2 million dollars a movie, and averaging a movie or two a year are well off and probably don’t need to worry about paying rent at the end of the month, although many of them do fall into the category of “dumb with money” and end up broke within a few years.

E True Hollywood highlights good and bad aspects of actors and popular figures lives. Some of the topics that are frequently touched on are drug use, politics, activism, abuse, molestation, “losing everything” and divorce. When we talked about our game of life above, these topics didn’t even have a single reference, but I’m sure there are a few of us that experienced such things. I have experienced losing everything for instance. I was young, but its still quite clear in my mind. But did I lose multiple millions? How about the legal battles with divorce or child custody? These topics that our public and popular figures deal with seem to be far greater than much anything I have had to deal with thus far.

So lets look at a comparison…

Subject Our Game of Life E! True Hollywood Life
Typical Salary 25-100 Thousand 2-20 Million
Typical Work Week
9-5 At first job 48 weeks a year 9-3 28 a year
Past Times Baseball, Crafts, Artwork, Music Dating, Making Sex tapes
Life Changing Events
Moving, Being Fired, Pregnancy Being Audited, Being Type Casted, Drugs
Death Span
60-74 19-74

Overall, i think its strikingly clear that i am in the wrong business. =

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