Militant Atheism

It has been quite a long time since I posted on the topic of religion and or a lack there of, but today I saw a video that really lit a fire under my ass. This video highlights many of the frustrating and often sad parts about life in this day and age. Being driven by thought and logic is something that is admired until it hits politics and then being “politically correct” takes precedent and ruins all. Pat Condell, a man of keen wit and sharp temper, puts his head on the chopping block time and time again, allowing religious and atheist numb-skulls to take innumerable whacks without any grounds for such things. I applaud this man for taking the time and energy to put together his inadequately responded to rants and deal with the idiots out there.

I will admit, there are some times when i hear this man speak and tell friends in hopes of their shock or awe, but i cant think of any examples of atheism leading to anything nearly as dramatic as the religious routes have.