The Benefits Of Friends

For those of you who don’t know or want to know me, you probably should skip this post, but it really needs to be said. I have been ranting lately about women, relationships but apparently I failed to highlight anything that goes in the first category anyone ever falls into with me. Friends are an important and significant part of any of our lives, and important to our ability to function in any society. Go play The Sims and find out.

I value my friends. The few I have I trust and I will go to bat for under any situation baring an end to my own life or anything that will affect mine in a significant negative manner. I’ve driven long distance, talked for obscene amounts of time on the phone and in person, and literally sold my soul in the interests of taking care of my friends, expecting only a few things in return:

To be taken care of in return

Friends are people you can turn to in a time of need and be able to be comforted. They are the people that are close enough that you will call them when your family member passes away but aren’t willing to have hold you during the night for one reason or another. They are the people who you can call when you break up with your significant other and be able to rant to about bullshit when you just need to vent. They are people you can let your guard down around without fear of losing them because they know you well enough to see through your own bullshit and tell that you aren’t mad at them, just having a hard day. But most of all friends are something that need to be cherished, because so few of us really have friends we can count on. We should all appreciate the ones we have an learn to accept their faults, while providing encouragement in getting them moving in the right direction if we are free to do so.

Id like to believe that I am a good person and adhere to these statements.

[15:19] The Advocate SB: i dont know what the problem is
[15:19] Mike Whitfield: sry man
[15:19] Mike Whitfield: well
[15:19] Mike Whitfield: i dunno
[15:19] The Advocate SB: hold up
[15:19] The Advocate SB: i just thought this out
[15:19] The Advocate SB: i treat the girl like a prospective mate
[15:19] Mike Whitfield: and she becomes your prospective mate?
[15:19] The Advocate SB: and she makes me out to be an ass
[15:19] Mike Whitfield: errrr
[15:19] Mike Whitfield: well
[15:20] The Advocate SB: hold on
[15:20] Mike Whitfield: i dunno man…
[15:20] Mike Whitfield: ok
[15:20] The Advocate SB: im not done
[15:20] The Advocate SB: =)
[15:20] Mike Whitfield: continue : )
[15:20] Mike Whitfield: yay haha
[15:20] The Advocate SB: i finally get to the point that i can treat her like another friend, attempting to make that happen mind you, and it blows up in my face
[15:20] The Advocate SB: how often have i told you to fuck off/
[15:20] Mike Whitfield: many
[15:20] The Advocate SB: its something i value
[15:20] Mike Whitfield: im confused.
[15:21] Mike Whitfield: telling me to fuck off?
[15:21] Mike Whitfield: what?
[15:21] The Advocate SB: not exactly
[15:21] Mike Whitfield: hmmm
[15:21] The Advocate SB: telling you to fuck off is a way of telling you to stop talking to me
[15:21] Mike Whitfield: yea
[15:21] The Advocate SB: to go swimming
[15:21] The Advocate SB: or whatever
[15:21] The Advocate SB: but you and i have a connection
[15:21] Mike Whitfield: uh huh
[15:21] Mike Whitfield: where you know if you say fuck off it doesnt matter
[15:21] The Advocate SB: you know im not telling you to go curl up in a gutter and die
[15:22] Mike Whitfield: yea : )
[15:22] The Advocate SB: yes
[15:22] Mike Whitfield: hah
[15:22] Mike Whitfield: ummm
[15:22] The Advocate SB: its part joking
[15:22] Mike Whitfield: i know exactly what youre saying
[15:22] Mike Whitfield: no
[15:22] Mike Whitfield: no’
[15:22] Mike Whitfield: i know EXACTLY what youre saying : )