The Girls Around Me, Thanks Ashley

I am accused of being a chauvinist from time to time. It’s no secret that I like to treat women well, overall. A certain someone comes to mind that gets exceptions above the rest, but that’s another story. Today I am going to describe a paradox with me and the girls that I find myself being attracted to.

Cute and attractive are easily applied as labels, but as of late I have realized that there are also other things that weigh in pretty heavily. Things that I wouldn’t acknowledge if it weren’t for my keen eye for detail. For instance, I don’t find myself attracted to dumb women. This may seem like a simple statement, and I am kind enough to allow my past girlfriends, except two, to use this as a complement. Dumb women are attracted to me. They see that I am smart and witty and that im a gentleman, kind hearted and so forth and feel like they could mold me into something that they could keep under wraps.

This is of course the worst possible thing they could do because a second thing falls into place… I am attracted to controlling women. I know, it sounds like a bit of a contradiction; I am vain, and controlling to a fault. The truth is, I have just never found responses to the question “what would you like to do tonight?” like “hmm, I don’t know, what would you like to do?” very interesting. I find it oddly appealing to have a girl tell me what she wants to do, and that applies to many things.

So hmm, I said that dumb women try to mold be, and that its dumb because I am attracted to being controlled. How does that make sense? Because it wears off. I can only be controlled for so long before I lose interest. This brings us to another point. I don’t do jealous. I am of sufficient mind and body to know that I don’t need to have a girlfriend in order to be happy, although please don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good intimate hug from time to time. Dumb women often start playing games and act like I am not worthy of their attention. When I was younger I used to really fall for this sort of fishing, but I grew out of it and now its just an annoyance.

I am also a very up front and truthful person, and appreciate the same in return, anything else is unwarranted and really makes me feel disgusting and fake. My mother used to call it skating on thin ice, as being in trouble. I like the metaphor for the translucent appearance that ice has. Seeing through shallow and idiotic things makes me want to strangle people, but as I said before, its not in me.

Dumb girls get attracted to me, try to control me and eventually sap up all the good intentions I have in things like getting to know them and maybe developing some sort of feelings for them. The truth is that I am just tired of playing the games. I have chased women for far too long and I don’t have a whole lot left to show for it.