When you know you have overstayed your welcome – Thanksgiving 2007

My thanksgiving was quite uninteresting and as usual with my family quite boring and dramatic at the same time. Not many people I know can wrap their heads around how that works, but if you can more power to you. Not only was I bored out of my mind, basically spending thanksgiving with my dad and niece, even though everyone else was there, I also spent a great amount of time with my 360 and have come to the conclusion that I am satisfied with it.

The 360 has opened up my gaming options and shown me that there are a couple games that are worth my time and energy. I don’t have a whole lot of respect for many of the franchise games out there, but I have found a soft spot in my heart for Assassins Creed & Fight Night – Round 3, both of which seem to be what I’m looking for. Fun, Bloody, Interesting, Graphically appealing. Nothing really makes me wetter than looking at a picture of Ray Leonard all bloody and battered after 6 rounds of beating his face in. Assassins Creed really blows my mind with all of the limb hacking animations, not to mention the joy of checking a guy and stabbing his friend in the chest.

Thanksgiving is done and I return to class tomorrow, and I have 5 days to post 3 times to meet my monthly goal of 20 posts. I have a couple ideas that should definitely land square.

PS – Does anyone know how i can get screenshots from my 360?