Fresh out of class

I wrote a quick post a few days ago about how I really respect instructors that are able to push a student, which some of you may not already know that I have been involved in such a class. The instructor is known for having extremely difficult exams and tons of homework as well as being fast, blazing through material at a pace that would make the oxen in my wagon train catch pneumonia. I am proud to say that not only did I get through the class but that I got through it having learned far more than I had expected.

Our final was moved to Monday morning and I assure you, he pulled no punches. A group final the likes of which no one in the class (12 students made it to the end mind you…) knew how to solve. Of the twelve students, we worked in assorted groups initially; it was rather obvious that things needed to be reworked. After an hour on problem 1, we came together as one large group and we eventually concluded that we were all dumb asses and that is when things got screwy.

All told, the two hour final proved that we all needed to continue forward in math because of the twelve of us collaborating on the four problems none of us got a single problem completely correct. It is sad, yes, but he may have engineered it that way.