Ned and his anal beads

While i usually tend to stay as far away from topics of this type, i really couldn’t refrain from getting this one to you all as soon as possible. This is one of the funniest prank calls I have heard in a long time. I have to agree that this is a topic that is controversial and is certainly not something to be taken lightly. Its amazing to me that this sort of thing can happen and people arent outraged and firebombing churches. Racism was enough to get early Americans to lose their minds and fire bomb churches, but now the standards of fire-bombers has become unattainable by churches, nationwide. Diddling with the congregations children used to be shunned, now its ammunition for a transfer. Its always been amazing to me to see how people respond to seemingly controversial things with a flat, unemotional face. Maybe we as americans are burned out or tired of the onslaught of craziness.


  • Politicians spend far too much on their sex lives,
  • Priests are molesting children, wholesale
  • we have been in Iraq for 5 years
  • thousands of soldiers have died
  • Politics sucks
  • the media keeps us apathetic to it all
  • People are often involved fighting what they are, deep down, craving the most
  • Genocide is a terrible thing
  • Being ignorant about the world exempts you from having to worry about any of its events…

Wait… no it doesnt.

How much of this is our own doing? Who are we to blame if not ourselves. Take a hint from a new IP TV show called Mob Logic, whose host goes around Manhattan interviewing her neighbors about the topics that we all care, but are quite uninformed, about on the whole. If you care about your own welfare, let alone the welfare of the world, you should definitely care enough to do some regular reading on things such as stem cell research, global warming, speculations role in our economy, war and its effect on the world… the list of things that an educated person should know about goes on and on. Being an informed member of our world is very difficult, i will concede. I may not be the greatest example of an informed member either, but i am intelligent enough to keep my ass away from making too big a fool of myself on TV and admit that i may be wrong about my stance on things.

As one of the more prominent and modest authors of time past once said – It is wiser to find out than to suppose – When Mark Twain said this I’m sure he was running the gauntlet of ignorant and lazy people who chose to pass judgment on his actions without properly knowing them or being willing to spend the time to learn about them. This saying means more to me than most sayings i tend to quote because it is something i choose to live by. I spend a great deal of my time in research mode, choosing to read a mile before i take a step. The opposite is not always a tautology. Choosing to be informed will always lead to an easier solution, completely turning the Ignorance is bliss Cliché on its head.

I often try to apply current events to the field i have chosen to study, and with good reason. As with many other things, there are two types of programmer: Those who read and those who write a lot of code. I chose the former in order to evade the idiocy that is towed around on sites like The Daily WTF and Coding Horror. I have always felt an intense fear of becoming that which i hate – a fool, and it only occurs to me at this stage in my life that i need to not worry about such things. Women come and go, My team may not win the super bowl, my car may not start in the morning, but if i have a moment of my day to spend learning something further i will definitely choose that route because it leads to a better outcome.

When i take pause to look out at the news thats being handed to me and the audience that it is being directed at i feel intense sorrow. There is a growing trend of misquotation and for that matter misinformation that is sweeping through the world (yes i said world and not just America). The consensus is that we want truthful and insightful news given to us with as little spin as possible. The scary fact is that there is rarely going to be any at the rate we are going. Sure we can protest and be angry or feel deceived, but we all need to take a moment and realize what that really means. The ingredients to a healthy Democracy include having an educated populous, and how educated can we be if all of our input is buffered through “the no spin zone” or a politicians mouth?

Too much of our world has become a money grab.

It’s time we chose to take it back.