Responding to fools

I have found my patience to deal with creationist fools waning in recent months. I wrote an informal and yet pleasantly worded letter to VenomFangX a few weeks back and have posted numerous comments on his videos in an effort to get across to him that he isn’t so well representing the way that creationism is correct so much as making himself, and his beliefs, look utterly retarded. Misrepresenting so much of the way that we have grown to understand the way the universe and the parts within it does little more than show a lack of understanding, and its not just him.

Kent Hovind’s Age of the Earth seminar is a prime example of faulty reasoning and misunderstood science. This man is a prime example of a fool in sheep’s clothing. I am currently stepping through his absurd series, in an attempt to better understand and respond to a couple of letters I have received in the past month and a half. Creation Science is quite simply a fraud. It is based on ignorance and continued refutation of accepted facts and conclusions based on an ego driven view of the world.

    he is a trool, no is becomming difficult to discern whether or not he is lying/acting. anywhoo, I’ve been looking for dox on him, and a good image of his face I can shoop onto a Sweeny Todd poster.
    if you come across anything of this sort, I’d be grateful and send you a pic of something you have been looking for if I have it.
    thank you.