What’s going on in Tibet?

I finally had some time to look around on the web to see what the hell is going on in Tibet, and well I really don’t know what to make of the whole situation. For those of you who don’t already know – and apparently are living under rocks or laundry boxes – China is in the process of an invasion of Tibet under the premise that Tibet is a country that is under their rule. The protesting and pickets that have, and will continue, to go on show how disparate the world really is. I opened up FFox and hit Google to ask “what’s the deal with china and Tibet” and well… I was really surprised with the amount of garbage that was written that sounded a lot like topics that I had already heard. I draw your attention to the first logical argument that I saw, mind you I don’t connect with the argument on any grounds. I only see its merit and would like to show it strictly because if you don’t read/watch news from sides other than where you are comfortable you don’t really do much learning about yourself.

As you can see here his abrasiveness is certainly carried through his medium, but he doesn’t appear to be addressing the feelings of those who are protesting. Protesters are using words like genocide which drives me absolutely nuts because people didn’t make nearly as large a deal about the African genocides that have gone on for decades and have yet to be on popular television.

I do not in any way shape or form consider mass murder to be a reputable choice, and the things going on in China/Tibet are certainly not good. There are however a number of people who are not informed about what is going on over there that are not making educated choices. Their uneducated positions are proliferating the interwebs and it makes it difficult for me to be educated about my responses because I have to weed out the craziness.