Eye color as an analogy

My class is in the process of writing a critical thinking piece on a very controversial topic, one that has plagued our society for some time. Racial discrimination is a topic that has frightened a number of us into a state of perpetual fear and loathing, and it’s high time that we realized the truth behind this situation.

Jane Elliott, a discrimination specialist and researcher, has conducted a number of experiments on the effects of racial discrimination on groups of people. She began her study in the eve of the MLK assassination, subjecting her third grade class to discrimination, along a very interesting line. Along a similar line to that of the current racial divide, skin color, Mrs. Elliott has chosen to segregate on the basis of eye color – blue eyes versus brown eyes.

There is a not so obvious outcome of this choice, namely that there are not many people with high melanin that have blue eyes. Elliott’s choice will put an obvious advantage to the people of color because they are going to be grouped together. It’s odd, I must say, to watch as these people who have been doing nothing but experiencing the positive aspects of racism reacting to the negative end of things. Their reactions span an array of gloomy feelings from sadness (including tears mind you) to just plain being unhappy and nervous.

I will go into a better discussion of the experiments in a paper I am writing, but I wanted to post and let everyone know that my brain is nearly back to full capacity. My shoulder however is still screwed up from a week ago. Hopefully this will be the last week I spend unable to push myself, physically…

Suffice to say that in light of the Sean Bell shooting and the fact that we only recently passed our lack of celebration for the assassination of MLK we have yet to come very far with the fighting against our racial divide. Its quite frightening i must say…

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” – Faulkner