Atheist Conversion Is Not Evidence

You are a judge, presiding over a murder trial. You are provided with a single witness who directly incriminates the defendant and that he has pictures of the defendant in the process of inserting the knife into his wife’s chest. Guilt is undeniable here. Empirical data has been provided that has cast doubt from any jury’s mind.

You are a judge, presiding over a murder trial. You are provided with ten witnesses who all stake their reputation and lives on the line, insisting that they believe that the defendant not only murdered his wife, but that they saw it happen in their dreams. This is the only evidence you are given, but does the quantity matter in this situation? It shouldn’t.

The second case is presented in order to show how I see religion’s testimony. Yesterday I participated in a “debate” with a theist trying to convince me that he had proof of god’s existence and that it was undeniable. “A friend of mine was an atheist and he converted to Christianity,” he said repeatedly. Its this type of irreducibly complex argument that makes it impossible to discuss leaving religion with any of these blind, teary eyed believers.

  • Franklyn

    I gave up trying to discuss these sort of things a LONG time ago , you just cant make any headway when someone is married to a belief system , their arguments either lack evidence or are filled with fallacies (as above) . I actually wonder if its any use at all , we can all get along swimmingly if we just respect each other’s views and well if they’re stupid enough to cling to this sort of nonsense then why bother ? . then i remember when i used to believe in this crap , although i always had my doubts . which is essential its the only way that you’re assured to progress in knowledge and understanding . heck its the basis of the scientific method ! , but i honestly wouldnt waste my breath explaining that to someone who has put up a barricade to reason .