Undeniable Proof of God!

Being an atheist is no simple task. It takes an excessive amount of time and effort to deal with the assertions of those who have faith to the tune of “I have undeniable proof of god’s existence!” This is certainly not the case. Today, a guy by the name of Jacob came into the chat on AN and decided that he was going to be debating religion with us because we denied god’s existence. “I had his leg in my hands and prayed to god to have him make both his legs the same length and, before my eyes… his leg grew! It took him a day to get his own mind around walking with his legs corrected!” That, sir, is undeniable proof!

What he has shown us is that his evidence that god exists only proves that he is a fool. A couple questions come to mind, but they seemed to be obvious to me –

  1. Why would god be bothered with stretching a child’s leg when there are so many more promising and prolific tasks he could busy himself with?
  2. What does god say about all of the children that go hungry? Why wouldn’t god be interested in filling a child’s stomach when he is willing to stretch his leg?

It is a fact that the religious people insist that any actions of the type I would request (cure hunger, illness, stress, correct global warming, etc.) are seen as impacting our freedom to choose, and that having this imposition upon them is a bad thing. It is rather distressing and contradictory because it is impossible to believe that anyone who has their leg lengthened any meaningful amount would surely find himself imposed upon. Either, god is not all powerful, knowing and compassionate or he is impotent, there is no other way to look at it.

A second issue arises when people accept moral situations where they have to do god’s work. “Given that you are god, what would you do if someone stole food destined for starving children?” The moral response is that we remove this person from the loop entirely. Why would the god that is moral and just allow someone to allow a child to starve. Its absurd to believe in such things, because ultimately – god is either able to do anything, anytime and anywhere, or he is not.

The fact of the matter is, there is and never will be any such thing as undeniable proof, even when what you are ultimately talking about is evidence, that shows that god exists. For that reason and that reason alone i refuse to believe in your, or any, god. when i am proven wrong and something is presented to show such a thing i will of course change my position. Until it is as such, i intend to continue living my moral and respectful life without fear or regret as long as i can and i wish that the religious would choose to do the same.

Here is a side note/discussion topic. If we design something, we have a hand in its usage/future. If, for instance, we design a nuclear reactor, we are at fault for its ultimate usage elsewhere including the weapon industry. This is a simplification of why the world is trying its best to keep nuclear reactors away from countries trying to get nuclear weapons. So along those lines we accept that as the designer of any certain item we have to police and correct it when given the chance, despite it’s will to do otherwise. We have bred dogs and we take full responsibility for controlling their outcome. Why doesn’t god deserve the same respect and responsibility for our lives. In the case we posed a moment ago, a man taking food from a starving child, why would the man be at fault. We hold owners of animals at fault for their animals wrong doings and many have attempted to take gun companies up on charges for their role in gang and other forms of violence. Yet we are content with believing that this all powerful god is without stake in our lives or futures on the ground that he must not take away our free will.

It is impossible to put to words the rage that comes to mind when such idiots come out of the wood work. I leave you with this video, enjoy.