Al on Atheism as a Religion

I’ve been following this discussion for some time. It seems to be the concensus that the religious people are forcing us into a corner, labeling us and our lack of dogma or belief systems as well as our all around skepticism as another religion. This claim is not just baseless and unsubstantiated, it shows the utter lack of understanding of their own faith.

The assertion that I need to have more faith in science is terrible. The faith I have in science goes as far as I choose to follow it into the darkness and believe it to have the ultimate answer to the unknown versus being ignorant of the world around me. How anyone can choose to look at the amazing level of detail that has been “designed” into all that we are able to know and love and draw the conclusion that some mystical god has it in his mind to make us all into trolls when there is so much available to us is beyond me. The same logic is shown in slavery times when whites didn’t want blacks to read, but stored books in their houses where the slaves would surely see them.

It’s natural for all of us to be inquisitive and want to understand something more than they currently do. This is one of the many things that have been called human essence for eons. People have been asserting that we need to be more than we are, and at the same time so much less.

  • We cannot exist without god
  • We cannot be of the same kind as an orangutan.
  • We cannot be of the same blood as Africans.
  • We cannot be of the same cloth as the Irish.
  • We cannot be of the same will as the Iraqis.

Why is this the stance people choose to have? What the fuck does it even mean to “be human” except to have the ability to put one’s own self and who you consider to be your own kind above another, of course in an unsubstantiated way. I find that this listing is so far lop sided that it follows that we need to do some substantial work to correct it, but don’t come to me for ideas. I am fucking human. If I were pushed I don’t think it would be too difficult to come up with more meaningful and less species-ist or racist statements that we can all live by. Instead of focusing on what we cannot be why don’t we try to simply acknowledge what we are?

  • We are animals.
  • We owe it to ourselves to be better than our parents.
  • We are able to achieve great things.
  • Our minds are endless, and there is nothing that we cannot put ourselves to do that will not be accomplished.
  • Being skeptical of the world is never a bad thing.

I figure that if these 5 statements replace 5 of the negative ones in 5 people and those 5 tell 5 people we can achieve what I intend to – improve the quality of life amongst a group of 25 people sometime in the course of my own life, although most people who know me would assure me that I already have.