Al on Militant Atheism

  • dusty

    If what is being suggested to be millitant about present passionate atheism . Holds any proof of fact .

    Then the passion of street preachers and passionate evangelism might need to be reconsiddered for new classification first .

    I think its very much a case of “do what i say but not what i do “. Theists feel abit fragile and unsure when quite suddenly finding they no longer preside over full total occupancy of hogging rights to center stage .And just maybe over the years they have become a little selfish of sharing freedom of thought . They hold fast to to their right of freedom of religious thoughts and practice whilst seeming to be a little begrudging of offering the same to others .

  • Bob

    I will say, i am suddenly reminded of a faux and friends interview where they were saying that the freedom was OF religion, specifically, not including from.

    Although, i think what Al is saying here is that this is a misrepresentation of forms. The title of Militant has been applied to violent and aggressive groups that are bent on forcing their views upon others. This is the absolute opposite to what is going on in our reality. Atheism is more of a passive aggressive choice, in that while we are certainly opposed to the idiocracy we don’t have the drive or wish to impose our views. We are more impressed and proud of people who come to the intelligent solution/results on their own.

    In short -> no bombs therefore no militant

  • Samuel Skinner

    Atheists (and everyone else) can’t be militant until we graduate to moltov coctails.