Necessity is the mother of invention, and i must say, she is a hell of a MILF. At work i take pride in many things – My book collection, my library of documents related to development (12 2″ binders worth in fact), a clean and organized white board and so forth. Today i am going to be focusing on what i consider to be the most important thing that i think a cubicle owner/leaser can have. Cleanliness.

My Wiring system
Wires are not fun. In fact they tend to be quite irritating. Having them run all over ones desk is probably one of the most irritating things. I get the feeling, looking at some cubes, that some people are destined for failure when they lose something. Dont get me wrong about this, I am a pretty chill person, i just find things like having wires running all over the place quite depressing.

Instead i choose to take advantage of the design of my cubicle to help route the wires around in a more un noticeable manner. The cubicles that Broadcom has invested in have a half inch bead right above a hidden compartment (Where i hide my power adapter. I went over to the Supplies Closet and got a bunch of these book binding supplies, they look like little combs, and basically wrapped the wires that need to be pressed into the bead with it. I then press the combs into the bead and voila – wires are hidden, except for corners or  seams in the walls.

Craned Headphones
Secondly, i have a wired headphone set that i am using for all audio purposes here. I sit in a location that makes it very difficult to keep the wire from being screwed up, but i need the mobility to be able to get up and jot ideas down on my white board. The idea i came up with was inspired by a stupid little device that was given to me when i started. A simple little spring powered dealy that was initially used to hang on to my badge is now a wired crane for my headphone cable. I routed the cable along the beads of my cubicle and over to a central location. At that point i run it up to the top of the wall and hook it trough the string that comes out of the gizmo and voila – Craned Headphones. No more running over the cable and no unsightly windings lying around to be irritating when i have to pick them up after knocking them over.