Elite is not a derogatory term.

A quick thought on the topic of elitism and how its absurd to be negative about it. I have been labeled an elitist in my various opinion granting classes, mainly because i am well educated in a number of areas and that i find silence to be a terrible cop out. Its absurd to jump on people for having an opinion or having differing views of your own is not a reason to be labeling them as an elitist. You should grow up and realize that elite is not a derogatory term, no matter how you use it in your own context.

In the context of the policital campaigns its rather funny that these people would stamp elite and arugala eater all over Obamas campaign, but they dont notice that McCain doesnt even know how many houses he owns. What the hell is that about? It goes back to conversations we have already had to the tune of those who are in the south are deluding themselves to believe that their meager means and views are supported by the republican conservative right winged religious fundamentals who deny evolution. Its too bad, because if they would realize that they could live better if they were properly looked after im sure they would enjoy their lives more fully.

But that is just my opinion.