Perjury & Response

VFX has decided to cross into a new arena of idiocy. His latest video is a prayer for acceptance in a more aggressive video than I have ever seen him release. Its scary to me because he has no idea what he is talking about. After comparing Thunderfoot, a very popular and well thought critic of the creationist enterprise, to Hitler and the people who post on his comments thread to those of Nazi Germany.

“You wont find anything like that on my page, because I do not even allow people to post evil and wicked comments because my world view says that these things are indeed evil and have no place in the world. However, your world view says anything goes. ”

It is quite unfortunate that people of this shockingly lacking level of intelligence latch onto these ignorant states of mind thinking they are superior.

Let’s respond to his video, post haste.

Atheists need to cherish their time

I want to address this issue without fail, because it is not acceptable or realistic. The reason many atheists that I know are actively debating and arguing positions with theists is because of their imposing views of the world. To assert that we should be cherishing the time we have and ignore the terrible direction our countries political decisions are taking is just plain wrong. The Atheistic view is not “oh crap we only have 80 some odd years to live and should enjoy it by having as much fun as possible.” it is more directed at “oh crap we only have 80 some odd years to live and should be making sure that these assholes that are ignoring that fact don’t impede anyone else’s ability to properly enjoy their lives.” I for one am an active atheist because I find that the religious might is becoming far too imposing for its own good, choosing to circumvent science and vetting anything for popular opinion, and that is never the correct choice.

It’s horrifying to think that the religious right is what we need to fear here in America, considering the amount of money we are throwing at fighting terrorists abroad. What are we actually doing here? Why do these idiots have any fanfare at all? How can they muster the energy to be angry about something like moving a block of rock that SYMBOLIZES their 10 commandments and yet not be willing to invest the time and energy into learning how evolution works and where it actually applies or work with some of those who actually know the subject to understand why their idea is not a theory in the scientific sense.

It comes down to a shocking possibility.

Some people are not able to get past the emotional aspects of being human and instead get stuck in being right for fear of being wrong, regardless of their standing. There are scientists that suffer from this and I too have been unwilling to let go of a position that I knew was wrong, but never to the point that I would impose my wrong belief upon others. It’s an ego issue now. We need to be able to get over ourselves, which brings us to Shaun’s choices.

VenomFangX’s Choices

Perjury is not something to be taken lightly, and legal action taken against copyrights that are faulty are not to be ignored. According to the Cornell University US Code, “Whoever […] is guilty of perjury and shall […] be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.” When Thunderfoot gave Shaun the option of either being swept into a legal bout or self imposed exile Shaun responded with what comes across as nailing himself to a cross. He seems to think this is a battle worth fighting or something that makes him look like a martyr for the rest of his ministries.  

Thunderfoot gave Shaun this choice after being handed evidence that he says is able to shut the VFX channel on youtube down entirely. Its unfortunate that this is what has come of the religious world.

If his god existed, I am pretty sure that he would have intervened by now to let Shaun know he has said some of the dumbest shit ever.

Improper Censorship

Shaun is one of many Youtubers that have the idea that censoring things makes them go away. In fact, it is apparently the case that they believe that it makes them look better. I will grant that monitoring comments and so forth for appropriateness is a very admirable and important task. The issue arises when people choose to filter out views that are different to their own, regardless of whether they cross the line into inappropriateness.

Part of the reason that this is an important aspect of freedom of speech and ideas is that you hear opposing arguments and positions and don’t allow your own ideas to stagnate. There is little that is more disappointing than going to a channel and seeing someone with a position that they have not bothered to vet properly and trying to comment or message them to let them in on the understanding you already have only to have it cut off by improper moderation. I can admire the moderation of spam or garbage talking sure, but to moderate just because they say you are wrong is just not acceptable for any intelligent conversation to go anywhere.

Simple as that.