Sarah Palin? Are you guys really serious?

Other people are just as worked up as i am bout this woman being so close to the office of presidency. I spoke, recently, to a woman who thought it was her place to explain to me why it was in her interest to have Palin be in office.

“You just don’t get it Bob. There is a glass ceiling that you don’t get to experience. You are a man and men don’t have that problem. I think that Palin is the single most important choice that anyone can possibly make, because it will cause women to be seen in a better light”

While I don’t entirely disagree, with her position about women having a glass ceiling, that is not what needs to be thought of when deciding upon a Vice Presidential candidate. Its more foolish to discuss women’s rights and freedoms than to be worried about the ability to talk to and drink a beer with your president, so in that regard i wish we had another brilliant george bush, (yes uncapitalized. I don’t respect the man any more than I do god, and that is saying a lot.) That said I am a bit confused. Why on earth do people want to be close to their president? The man is SUPPOSED to be using his time to better our nation and the foreign relations and not be…

  • taking more than 400 days of vacation off in 8 years.
  • illiterate
  • unable to complete sentences

And yet, here we are again. Palin is Bush 1.2 (Now with less literacy and thought abilities, but she is a level 42 hottie!) I don’t comprehend the ignorance that must be shared in the followers of McCain/Palin, when they have a pair like Obama Biden to compare with. It’s absurd to me that anyone would believe this garbage that Palin is experienced enough and prepared for the position of VP in our world economy. It is even more absurd to me that anyone falls for this shit.

Republicans are jumping ship. Democrats are jumping ship. Anyone who has given it more than two seconds of thought and realized this isn’t about Race has jumped ship. I’ve listened to at least 6 different interviews, all of them saying the same shit. “Don’t let that negra be in that position, we are not a Muslim country.” on one part of that i agree – we are not a Muslim country – but to assert that it is strictly because of Obama’s tan that we are going to be converting some random day is such utterly stupid bullshit that i cant even rationalize it. I find it utterly depraved to think that anyone in their right mind finds it impossible to support Obama on the grounds that he is going to suddenly change the religious direction of our country or make it illegal to listen to country music or some bullshit. I don’t want to be the one to call bullshit but seriously people come on. [cnn=politics/2008/09/26/cafferty.fri.cnn]
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