Who Needs Politics?

Certainly not you or I. Following todays race is tantamount to being shown the most amazing thing possible and having your jaw act like it is actually stapled to the floor. Who would have thought that politics could be so damned complicated? Well… Let me tell you a story about your only other option… according to the jews for jesus.

Firstly, I would like to say that this may be offensive, and if so, good.

I was handed a flyer the other day at school, passing through the quad and looking for a couple friends of mine. Sure its just a piece of paper but its partnered with a second flyer that says there is a free pizza party for anyone who is willing. What they don’t tell you about is that you have to actually read through the second flyer in order to be saved for that big pizza party in the sky. These folks are a bunch of con men and deserve to go to jail, kinda.

The flyer is available on the J4BigJ site for free, in PDF form. Go ahead and print off 400 copies and go hang out at a school. Proselytizing is awesome! Join me folks! Join me! Yay orgy at my place tonight, er… wait sorry Nadine. My bad, I didn’t mean orgy, I meant Orgy with gOD and Pizza, I know you like pizza, you are already here!

Well, fuck a duck, if you actually already took the time to look through the flyer you would have noticed that they seem to be of the idea that the only real government is Theocracy… Of course, this is not what we have, but ill be damned if another fucking person turns to me and tells me that im a douche for saying that Bush has pushed our government closer to a theocracy. As we have seen in the countless interviews of sarah palin and mccain over the last 3 months and 2 years, respectively, our political views are becoming far more reliant on our religious views. Our forefathers would never had put up with this trash and these ignorant bottom of the class type people being so god damned close to running our country.

That said J4BigJ are pretty bunk. Their pizza wasn’t even that good, and neither was the orgy.