Actually, I was passing through

I have a special power!

I can now read minds, and within yours I can see that you are deeply confused by something.

Yes, I can tell that you are confused and unhappy. Someone you care about is not acting as you would expect them to. Yes, I understand that you have this pent up energy within you.

I wish it were the case that psychic energy were a reality. Being able to connect with the dead would be supremely useful for us, considering our ongoing religious wars and the zealotry currently going on in the Middle East. It’s a bit scary though, that so many people latch on to this shit and expect it to be the next greatest thing. I have even seen and heard some psychic researchers labeled the next Einstein, and how absurd is that.

If psychic connections existed, let’s see…

  1. we would know much more than we do about the other side
  2. the Gov’t would actually be using it to conduct espionage
  3. and more than either of those, Science would be able to measure something about it

What I don’t grok is the religious fervor for its existence, in spite of the science directed at it. I stand by my empirically evidenced position because it is the only reasonable one. If there is no reason to believe in X, Y or Z, then it stands that you should not. In the case of psychic energy though there is a lot of reason AGAINST it. The Gov’t spent billions of dollars trying to figure it out in the cold war era, only to­­ realize far too late that they were being taken by frauds and charlatans. Research has been conducted for more than a century regarding the implications of psychics and the best that are standing up to scrutiny are only in the 2-5% range of success.

Some would argue that this is significant, and I can’t really agree. Statistical significance is such a nebulous term that it seems to really have no meaning.  Something is either significant or not and when you have a 5% increase in results, with a small sample considering most psychics refuse to allow themselves to be tested properly, things get really boring.

One such experiment being conducted by the guy over at skeptiko, is exceptionally odd. He is boasting about statistical significance when he is really talking about a guessing game.  The experiment poses a number of psychics against pre-recorded submissions from random people around the world, random meaning those who already listen to his show. You should be wondering what is actually being tested here. Well, these experiments are focused on proving not simply that psychics work, but that they are able to connect with the dead! So ignoring the first part about their ability to even do anything, this experiment is going to skip right over that and go straight to what has already been shown to be achieved by Cold Reading! You don’t have to have a near death experience or really do anything; you can learn how to cold read people for fucking free or a cheap book on Amazon.

This is the type of weird and quirky shit that makes scientists look idiotic.