And School Resumes

There is one thing that is dependable in my life, School.

This quarter is going to be rather interesting, Screenwriting, Calculus, and Discrete Mathematics all in the afternoon and evenings. I am not even done with class tonight until 10pm. I hope Mr. Goldman is going to be nice and let us out earlier than that though. I will be posting all of my writing here. I would have included the many essays I wrote for my film class last quarter but they were too detailed and revealing for the movies that we wrote about to be any fun, and tagging them with Spoiler was just too much work. Writing is something that I take incredibly seriously and with the bulk of the tutorial on the mod switch finished I will be moving into more creative things again, fleshing out the Project: White Doc for the next iteration. Bringing my notes together can be a bit of a pain, but that is why I started using One Note (that and money was used to purchase it…).

What else can be expected from this blog in 2009?

You should keep your fingers crossed because ill be posting a monthly discussion topic, but my attention is now going to be spread across multiple blogs from here out. Ill be linking to the ones that I don’t mind being tied to my name. My pseudonyms are going to be hard to guess, but if you ask nicely I will most likely share them with you. Enjoy Irrational Bob for now.