Faux Energy

This is a topic that has always bugged me. We have machines tuned to the point that we can pick up the radio signals of stars that burned some four hundred million years ago, as it passes through space following the inverse square law quite well, and yet for some reason we don’t have anything that is sensitive enough to pick up our aura.

We create these gigantic pools of deionized water in isolated locations underground, set up with highly sensitive cameras to record the minute flashes of light that is emitted when a neutrino collides with a deionized water molecule. However, we can’t pick up the magnetic field that is said to surround us and allows our qi and or chakra to be understood, except through “so called” spiritual means.

Psychics can sense spirits calling out to our world to send us messages like “My name begins with a P!” but they don’t think to share with us where they hid that twelve thousand dollar stipend they hid when they were dying.

People actually believe in this stuff, to the extent that they are willing to argue in public. With the goal of making me look like an ass because I am not willing to be swayed into believing in absurd notions that sound like they are being channeled out of a Cheech & Chong movie over being channeled from another dimension. I am all for drunken orgies, but why lie behind the concept of having to channel dead beings energies in order to pull it off? Let’s just fuck and get it over with.

My apartment does not obey Feng shui, and neither does yours. No matter how many times these people come out they always add a healthy helping of random to the mix before reaching for their bill. If they could just say that they were joking or faking I would respect them a bit more. Organizing your home to better impact the flow of positive energy, mind you you have to be a specialist and no doubt go to an airport or hotel meeting to learn, is not only stupid and superstitious… it’s a lot of work. I can only move my couch a couple times before I burn out and give up, dropping it where it is and hoping my huge feet aren’t underneath one of the legs.

What about water having memory of what has been in it? Well, lets put it this way, if homeopathy were to be a fact we would all be ill and or dying because of the dispersion of water. The ability to have water retain the vibrations of things that are good is just as supportive of the bad. Every day I drink a molecule or more of water that was pissed out by Columbus, a dinosaur and or Cytherea. With this same logic I drink water that has been absorbed by AIDS, Gonorrhea, Cancer, and or any other of the millions of diseases that has infected us. To think that shaking it in a certain way would cause this to be affected only makes me want to stab someone.

What makes even less sense to me than the dependence on faux energies is MS Word 2007’s default dictionary actually having the word chakra but it doesn’t have deionized. This world we live in is pretty damned absurd, I must say.