New Year’s Resolutions

Do Want!This year has begun on a very good note. Project: White is being publicized; we are on course for our release on the end of the month. My blogs gaining traction again and had another spike in viewership. School is going to be fucking awesome and I’m taking a class in guitar next quarter. What else could I do with myself? Well, after some discussion over the last month I have concluded that my resolutions last year were not clear enough and I am going to share a few further ones. If you are not interested in my personal life and goals please do skip this post. This is merely being posted so you can hold me accountable, as much as I will personally.

Personal & Health Related Goals

  • Get down to 200lbs (91kilos)
  • Be able to run a 9 minute mile
  • Be able to run up and down the 169 stair and not feel like I have just died
  • Find a dependable girlfriend

Gneu & Project: White

  • At least 9 software releases
    • GneuManager
    • Project: White
    • eClipse
    • Mutators
  • At least 4 further tutorials
    • Finish Mod Switch tutorial
    • Need to get my book publically available
  • Learn two languages
    • Python
    • Delphi
  • Shore up my DirectX understanding
    • Need a good book
    • POC’s to be shared and publically available

On a side note one of the blogs i follow has given me an idea, and id like to steal her idea. I hope she doesn’t mine. She takes on a theme every year on her blog and tries to post as often as she can about it. I am going to do the same. My themes are going to be monthly though. My topic for January is going to be…

  • mike

    going to be what!?!