Science Requires Faith!

You clearly have your definitions mixed up. Science requires no such thing, at least not in the way this statement suggests. Faith, in the religious sense, is more related to the willingness to ignore evidence, while science is the exact opposite. Instead of ignoring evidence, everything that is considered science is tested and tested and tested again, trying to prove it wrong, and failing in the process.

The Scientific method is all about reproducing results of previous experiments and drawing conclusions or finding patterns in them. Its a bit absurd to say that religion is the of the same thread when it hasn’t provided a single testable claim that has proven to be true. It’s all about interpretation and angst.

So why is this something that is tossed about so often?

Before you get drawn into this argument you should probably spend some time on Google or listening to Greydon Square. Rationalism takes no faith, it produces the same results each time; science is about reproducibility. You could waste a good portion of your life, as many before you and I have, chasing after religion as a form of truth, with a capital T. Aron Ra makes quite an argument against this, but suffice to say that there is nothing that religion can possibly offer anyone, except false hope.

Evidence is what we all base our lives on. I have years of evidence that tells me that when I get into my car it won’t become a rocket ship and fly me off to the eagle nebula where ill get to meet the rest of the women of my race and actually get drunk on their soap. Every other time my car starts there is a nice little vroom and it idles ~ 800 RPMs. This evidence doesn’t stand between it doing this and not, it has no bearing on the results of turning that key, it simply gives me some standards that i can use to live my life and not have to worry about what my eagle nebulan children are doing. 

I actually actively take part in these sorts of debates, and its odd that people think they are doing something substantive by saying that science requires faith too. Well, let me just squash this bug right here. The faith I have in my flashlight turning on, or in my computer working is supported by evidence. It is supported by Physics, Mathematics, and even the English Language – because I wouldn’t be able to understand any of those things if we couldn’t communicate.

Unfortunately the god of the gaps nonsense gets old real quick. Trying to be one of these idiots at the Discovery Institute or take up a seat with Ben Stein and his ignorance, or any other belief set that runs contrary to the evidence presented to us all (including but not limited to dating techniques, water existing in quite a few locations outside of the current planet, evolution theory, The size of the planet, and the way science has slid god down a nice smooth gradient into oblivion) is an inch and a half further than you should ever go. Running around with unsupported beliefs and holding onto them like your life depends on them is pretty damned retarded.

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  • annie

    I actually prevented one of my roommates from spending 4 bucks on renting Ben Stein’s intelligent design documentary. Unfortunately, he chose Al Pacino’s 88 Minutes in its stead. Well, at least you get some strange sexual contraptions in that one 🙂