What does that even mean?

Talking to my friends is occasionally a problem. I have quite a few people that I consider myself close to that just don’t seem to have their screws tightened. Discussion sways into Quantum Mechanics, Spirituality, and a number of other topics that no one can really explain – this is of course has no tie into the plausibility of their positions.

Does homeopathy have any real connection to reality? Nope. It goes against basic principles regarding chemistry, but that doesn’t seem to sway these people from the idea that shaking their water jugs in the three dimensions, of course while thinking nice things, allows AIDS or Ebola to be cured by highly diluted AIDS or Ebola, respectively.

When discussing Spirituality, things often get heated. Personal experiences, based in part, or in whole, on drug trips or an inability to remember ones own experiences perplex me. If for no other reason, why would someone be drawn to believing something that is clearly not of this world or reality, even if it was “cool”? I remember friends of mine in high school trying to convince me to try numerous drugs on grounds that seeing monkeys dancing in the grain of wood or riding a microscopic motorboat around ones kitchen was something to look forward to in life. I would beg to differ.

It may make for good writing, but it is clear to me that this is not the way to live ones life. Clarity of mind is something that many skeptics take for granted. We live in the real world and spend our time staring into microscopes, computer screens or out telescopes trying to better understand the 5 W’s (And H). We don’t even really realize that we are doing, at least not all of us.

Woo peddlers seem to thrive on not making sense. It is in their interest to not be bothered with reality or its bindings. The addition of Quantum Mechanics is one of these topics, and its a severe bone of contention for those of skeptical nature. Our lack of understanding of the subject and the seemingly magical things that occur in it’s study are where idiots lie, obscuring reality with a healthy dose of ignorance and the willingness to take advantage of idiots in order to make a buck.

Trying to get through the bunk and into the meat of their order is often something that becomes more of a hassle than is apparent at first glance. Finding examples of this is not difficult; spending 20 minutes in a bookstore you can find books like The Secret, quite a few from the master of Woo – Deepak Chopra, and if you play your cards right you might even find something about Homeopathy and its ties to Quantum Mechanics! I bet you didn’t even know that Homeopathy was a possible conduit for Quantum Theory

What it comes down to is being able to see the difference between fact and fiction; or to put it less black and white, to be able to see through stories and see the underlying roots. Is it possible for extremely diluted substances to be useful in curing illness? No. Is it possible that Deepak Chopra has found some new energy that is unable to be detected by any scientific means? I could grant that it is possible, but then again, its also possible that I am the second coming of Christ and will be able to make my glass of cranberry juice turn into gold. I guess that was actually King Midas, but either way, what is important to realize is that these people don’t even know what the hell they are peddling. If they did they would be millionaires, replacing the Medical Industrial Complex, Transportation Industry, and most likely all of Science.

Hell, if it weren’t these assholes, we would probably actually be able to get beyond Pet Psychics and actually get into something fun, Psychic Sex. Anyone up for a round of testing?