Nut Jobs


There are three ways that viruses are made, one is genetic mutation, one is something I don’t remember and the third is sloughed off material. The Pig Flu comes from the later.

There is even motion toward it being a biological agent, genetically engineered to be able to have an affect on humans, birds and pigs. How else could it get genetic material of all three?

[…] California Nut Job #24245

I actually got this handed to me in a pretty package with a pretty little bow and a smile. Nut jobs have a tendency to latch onto insane claims about the world. This particular claim is broken for a few reasons, but it attracts attention from the conspiracy nut jobs and paranoid nut jobs, not to mention the all around idiotic nut jobs of our time.

Nut jobs are our fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends who have taken the leap from believable reality and imagination into paranoia and delusion, often without caring to check their baggage with the doorman.

This particular delusion is something that came up in a discussion yesterday afternoon, and believe me its not just this that has come out of this guys mouth. A couple months ago he tried to explain that JavaScript didn’t work for him the way it does for the rest of us, which devolved into a discussion about my generations paranoid delusion and clinically insane conspiracy theory – 9/11 being an inside job.

A month later he opened up a discussion about Java and ended it with discussing plastic being in my ice cream.

Now he is big on this swine flu nonsense, and he has latched onto it tight enough to leave marks, dragging his nails across the face of oblivion in an effort to spread this nonsense.

I have just spent the better part of a half hour on the web, and believe me i know Google, searching for information on how the swine flu got its own talons into humans, and the only supported opinion i can find is suggesting it jumped, from humans to birds to swine and now back to humans. It doesn’t take a hell of a lot of imagination to figure out how this can occur, but more than that, it doesn’t take much research to find some valid articles. In fact, i couldn’t find anything, other than some bullshit on fox that is not cited, to support the idea that this is a bio warfare vector.

Almost as if in partnership with this discussion was a buddy saying he had the epiphany that correcting idiots was a futile affair, and in all honesty i cannot jump on that band wagon. Nut Jobs are more of these people that this blog is generated for – those who refuse to look for data to support their beliefs, and instead allow their imagination to run rampant. I stand here now for the same reason i usually do – to try to explain to the lunatic fringe that they are being absurd.