Two Guitars?

Day 092/365 - Guitar Hero

I have been quite infrequent about my posts, but its been great to have that extra time that I spent typing away into my own little piece of the internet back. I have strayed a bit from my listed projects, but I have enjoyed it quite a bit.

I have picked up the Guitar (focusing on classical guitar v jazz or anything else extravagant) and although it has been a ton of fun, it has also lead to me being very frustrated. For those who don’t know classical guitar is focused on playing acoustic and free hands, that is with the fingers versus with a pick. Unfortunately i didn’t know this and took the first 7 weeks of the class with my trusted and well played electric Dean Playmate. Well, my fingers have been quite angry with me over the weeks, but i have definitely learned a lot.

Today i went through to the starving musician looking for a set of headphones that i could use that don’t require an amp, but the only setup they had ran ~ $190. they had a huge sale going on for acoustic guitars so instead of $200 bucks on a set of headphones and a preamp I opted to switch gears, so i have a second guitar now.

Acoustic Fender, Steel Strings, and a beautiful long necked beast. I hope that i am able to pull together some of my classes on video, and maybe ill try to do that this weekend.

I am also continuing work on a script, for my insanely goofy and quirky dark comedy Facial Fatality. The script has been evolving over the last four weeks and it will continue to evolve as my abilities improve. I am enjoying my classes this quarter and I’m sure will be able to channel some of that into this amazing blog, one way or another.

Keep your eyes open.

  • mike

    I enjoyed reading the Facial Fatality! Laughed a few times and really got a feel for the scenery with your pre-dialog descriptions (I know nothing of screen writing).

    I want a porn mustache. 🙂