Assembly is coming to an end, at least for me =(

I just got home from my second IA-32 Assembly exam and it feels like a part of me is about to die. Like a breakup with a woman who I was recently engaged to that i just found out was cheating on me with my grand father and now…


there is nothing more than a hole in my chest.

We have one lab and a final ahead of us and that’s it. I feel like crying, I miss her so much.

Maybe now i can get back into writing for you guys and enjoying the other minor things in my life. Still, it’s very sad.

  • Jeff

    It’s over man… it’s over.

    It’s probably a matter of hours before we’re booted off Catalyst… guess I’m moving in to the forums over here now. Goodbye CIS21JB, hello Gneu. We’ll find a way to ease the pain.