Knowing Everything

[Good] old natural laws that have been understood and derived through observation […] are proving entirely sufficient to explain why the universe functions the way it does, and though we still have numerous unanswered questions, we don’t need to invoke any magic man in the sky just yet to fill our knowledge gaps.

Martin Wagner – The Atheist Experience Blog

Almost in spite of this fact, true believers continue to stand on the edge of the shore and give the ham fisted “tactical retort” that is so gross and vile that every time it is said most everyone around will turn up their noses.

You don’t know everything!

The logical equivalence of “OH YEAH,” as if to say through not so mild suggestion that my knowledge is limited therefore they may suggest anything they wish to in whatever gap they perceive. This is the utter absurdity that discussions devolve into, like being slapped in the face.

You don’t know everything!

This came up in the recent discussions with Clayton. Lets glaze over the discussion thus far:

  1. Clayton is convinced that god, in the form of Jesus, is real and exists
  2. He believes this because god has shown himself
  3. The reason I have not been able to see god is because I am not listening
  4. God is waiting for me to be silent and then he will come to me
  5. Since I have not got faith in god, and don’t believe in him currently he has not shown himself to me.
  6. Because I don’t know everything I cannot label god in any way, including saying he doesn’t exist.

This translates loosely to “Believe in god and you will believe in god,” which has been tossed away. We are reasoning beings and well capable of intelligent conversation, Yet here we are falling back to idiocy. This sort of discourse is the type that I hate, completely disconnected from reality.

Where can we possibly go with this? Others who don’t know everything have labeled god as the being that he currently is. Others who don’t know 1/8th of what I know created the book that is now worshipped and obsessed upon, and they labeled god.

I will leave you with an excerpt from our discourse.

me: may I point something out to you?

clayton: yes please

me: Okay, and please bear with me.

I am not the typical Atheist, I don’t fall into any box; I am thoughtful and concise in the same swift move. Your post here has no effect on me because you are not really saying anything.

This is a statement. God Exists

This is a statement. I am convinced that God Exists. I am convinced that Jesus is real

in reality all you have done is said it, you have not proven anything you have not evidenced anything

Your use of the english language is at least as powerful as mine, you are articulate, but you are taking words which WE, humanity, have defined and you are saying that they have meaning beyond our definitions and simply stating them.

The discourse from the other evening, Jesus is more alive than any of us what does that mean to you? Please do be concise

clayton: life is not just a breath in my sight. life is energy, i have been exposed to this energy, this energy/ this life force is from my view point more than anything humanity has seen.

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