Politics Sucks

What I think is that… the Obama administration really has to stop completely blaming everything on it’s predecessor. Completely […]

Meghan McCain

As much as I had originally hoped, life is not simple. Politics exists and plays a very large role in determining the direction of our world. It’s quite frightening to me that this is the case, but its unavoidable. Let’s discuss a few of the problems with politics and where rationalization comes into play.

First of all though, I would like to say that while I am labeled a Democrat I am actually not. I am of the rationalist party, which is quite small indeed. I don’t vote party lines and I don’t vote with my heart. Rationalism is more than a label placed on math or logic problems. It is a process that should be applied to every aspect of ones life, and choosing to do otherwise should be criminal.

There are two subjects that are never to be discussed, and apparently this blog is the place to break that rule… Religion and Politics. The reason these two are set aside is they are both sensitive and at the same time, they are sacred. People go off on these topics and create their own bullshit castles out of toothpicks and bubble gum, where our beliefs are clearly affected by the bullshit choices we made as a child which are now the foundation for our castles.

Then here I come, asking actual questions.

You don’t “Believe” in global warming? This is a lot like not believing in evolution. Enjoy Science.

We will “never” run out of fossil fuel? All non-replenishing resources are exhaustible.

Why does the origin of the universe being finite support your specific god? It doesn’t.

Why do you believe that Obama is a bad president? Really? Blaming the previous administration? Next.

The truth is, politics is a lot like religion. They are sacred cows and rarely do debates have an effect on them. Most people who dare to throw their political views around don’t bother to look them up in order to actually loop in reality. Take Conservatives for instance. They don’t fit the definition of conservative in any way shape or form, save MAYBE the role of government, but even there they are fine with the government helping curve things into their belief systems.

Politicians are two faced liars and swindlers, the entire lot of them. I would love to have a politician who wasn’t forced to conform to the lifestyle and was able to pull off things that are supportive of the reality of our world, and not so heavily impacted by friendships and supporting earmarks and so forth. I remember a discussion about ear marks in my poli-1 class so many years ago that ended with my instructor saying “Yea, they are bullshit.” Politicians are unable to pull anything off without supporting the other assholes bullshit decisions, like the bridge to nowhere.