That’s Got Chemicals!

Expanding a bit upon what I discussed earlier, Nut-jobs are all around us. Make sure you keep your wits about you as we delve into the idiocy of today’s subject – Misuse of terms.


You should know by now that the world is not as safe as you had imagined it as a child. YOu get to Deal with fast food, their food isnt even food any more – its made out of chemicals and artificial. they put a lot of salt and sugar into their food. You should eat organic and avoid dealing with their chemicals when real food is never meant to be in that form. Your body wasnt ever made to process chemicals like they make.

Best wishes, Cindy

Well thanks Cindy. Your caring for me will surely plateau when you hear what I think about organic food, but first I have put on my writing cap and tear up this bastardization of the English language. Enjoy.

Chemical: material produced by or used in a reaction involving changes in atoms or molecules

You have either missed out on introductory chemistry or you are being naive in thinking they only use those substances to ruin the world. All food is made of chemicals. Everything you eat, sleep on, your car runs on, etc… Everything that is not made exclusively out of the periodic table element… Everything you use in the course of your day, including your computer are dependent upon the “chemicals” you rant about here.

I invite you to do some honest research about Organic, because that too is not of the same meaning that you think it has. We use words in an effort to describe things to other people. The reason you don’t speak German to me is because you can assume that I don’t understand it. When you define some word to have it’s own meaning beyond the colloquial one you may as well be speaking German.

We use language to convey something meaningful to another person, beyond – or often in spite of – what they may assume about me. The question of why I label myself an atheist is often one I get emails about. The reason that it is useful to have that label is 3 fold.

  1. Atheists are a minority, I don’t wish to be assumed to be a believer.
  2. Atheism is often assumed to mean something derogatory, which can be said for many words – like gay, but a rose by any other name is still a rose.
  3. Labeling myself as a freethinker, bright or whatever term the community is choosing to be divided over at the moment is going to quickly assume the same negative aspects of life.

Optimally I shouldn’t need this label, but pragmatism requires it. This term is USEFUL to you, you can draw something out of it that describes me accurately, albeit not entirely.

A friend of mine once asked me if there was a way to prove that the blue I see is the same blue he saw, and I had to concede that it was not possible. There are people who have their wiring mixed up and or offset, similar to how your ear can become deaf to certain tones and adjusts to allow you to continue operating. The qualification is that whatever color you do actually perceive, we have labeled it blue. You may have it actually filed under a pink tone or red tone, but its wavelength of light is what we have labeled blue.

I don’t find the argument for eating organic compelling because its bullshit; the same farms that sell to your local market sell to Whole Foods and they farm it in similar fashion. There are local laws and regulations and so forth that actually make requirements on your food production, but they are far from what is or attempted to be conveyed when discussed with hippies and nut-jobs. Your “organic” food still has pesticides used on it, and is grown in the same soil as the other food, and uses the same seed and compost that you use for the other food. You should save some money and avoid buying grapes from Whole Foods for $56 an ounce and buy the same grapes for a $1.32 a pound at your local market.