ARMA II Animated Story telling

In the last decade there has been a push toward machinima, notably including the hilarious Red v. Blue which helped us all cope with the undying question – why are we fighting. Games are continually trying to step into the lime light, telling famous stories of battles, real and fictitious, and with games like brothers in arms and even medal of honor: airborne dropping us directly into real(istic interpretations and artistically free) battles it is a growing concern of mine to make sure that that aspect of life is shown. The military is my source and the digital world is my medium; I would like to tell a story.

ARMA 2 has fallen from store shelves into a dirty light of mixed emotions and weird mannerisms, but despite the fact that this game is beautiful, I would like to tell a story within its bounds. Many of my close friends know about my struggle with creating realistic and simulation based games and how it is really the only reason I came to UT3, and unfortunately I didn’t have the drive to accomplish the development on my own when the game was proving to be so monumentally overwhelming.

I would like to pull together a cast of characters and actors to accomplish something along the lines of a mock news and action report from the front lines of a war going on in the future. I will need to have a couple meetings to be able to really pull things together, but I see this evolving into what some would say is definitely an open niche – drama on IP TV. It may be digital representations, but it will be far more entertaining to people in my position than just having jokes.