Occasionally in life people make these things called connections, or as some people call them – friendships. 90% of these things come and go, leaving you with a grimace or some semblance of a frustrated or disappointed look on your face.

Occasionally, though, you may be able to find, unearth, create, restore, generate, or any synonym thereof, a true friend who will be able to, not just be there for you when you need a ride to the hospital for shooting yourself in the thigh with an elephant gun… thanks Matt, but also be able to cut through the bullshit and be able to see that you really just needed to see their smiling face or have their warm hand on your back.

I have been very lucky.

I have more than one of these and am able to play that role with a number of people, and this is simple a brief acknowledgement of their role in my life and a poke into the ribs to all of you out there who read my blog to reach out and tell your true friends that you are thankful for their time.

Happy Checkers Day.