How much you mean to me

I was once asked how much someone meant to me

The answer, at that time was vague, but truthful

To think, someone could mean everything to me

And know that saying so didn’t leave me feeling anything but full.

I opened my heart and allowed them in.

Knowing that I was the one that made all this possible

I knew that not all would be accepting of the idea

But their refusal would only make them out to be the fool

Shoulda coulda woulda had a boost,

The saying by which I live my life.

Thanks be to whatever has chosen

To bring you to part my strife.

The turmoil and pain gone for good

Like you are a doctor operating with a surgical knife

The possibilities are endless.

Someone like you is my dream wife

I cant wait till tomorrow, my thoughts running rampant.

To see you and wrap my arms around you.

I dream of your face, smooth and clear

To see you with your smile like a tattoo.

So permanent, and conforming, I dream again

Anything less than my entire heart would make me feel untrue.

But until I get to see you again.

I must bid my dreams adieu.

  • Laura

    now this is sexy