I Remember (adaptation)

i remember a time of pure glee and fun, my day consisted of waking up and going outside to play with my best friend, my little brother

the only things we were certain of were getting alot of sun, going outside, coming inside for dinner and sleeping my our nice warm beds

i remember my whole family packing into a car and heading for half moon bay, destined to watch the waves roll over each other, competing to get to me first

i remember how everything carried such little responsibility, i could basically do anything and get away with it

i remember helping my dad change the brakes on his friends cars and trucks, the big heavy jack i had to drag around that weighed almost as much as i did

i remember a day when my dad came home with a box, it was as heavy as a cow, my firse computer and disks

an inspired love, we were destined to be together for all eternity, me and my computer together forever

i remember walking into frys and walking amngst the crowded isles of monstrous computer parts and boxes apon boxes of computer games all begging me to take them home and feed them to my computer

i remember my first game, on my old mac IICI, it kept me so occupied, for weeks i’d come home and try to whoop my dad at it

i remeber my first cd, grolier multimedia encyclopedia, so much information packed into a thing just larger than my hand… what an exciting development