Soda? We don't need no stinking soda!

I give myself an A- for my performance in attaining my goals last year, because the ones I didn’t achieve were overshadowed by at least two amazing opportunities I was given.

This year has already started with a bang and while I am not going to lose my mind with any of the following items I do intend to break comfort zone down quite a bit.

To begin with, fast food is out.

I’ve already cut back enough as to make a point not to. be drinking soda or eating excessive candy – read more than one candy bar every two weeks or so. Suffice to say, I really miss my simplicity.

This year u will see more from me about math and school in general, as I. have become a sought after tutor. and I’m doing my best to keep up with the demands of tutoring so many diametrically opposed courses ans keeping my head in my own. Hopefully without too much spill over.

This quarter I am taking Linear Algebra, histories of religion and the fourth quarter of screenwriting. So far it has been managable, albeit at the cost of my better judgement.

9me thing i think has been missing from this blog is the comedy, specifically from my writing. I have vented here about my dating life, school, my friends hilarious antics and followed it up with my own perspectives on dramatic bullshit on Facebook and YouTube. I hope to bring that aspect of my writing voice back and more than that to increase the enjoyment I feel from posting ob here with regularity.

Happy new year and happy February to you all.