Podcasts – My Recommendations

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Although i don’t typically try to expose too much of myself, and how i keep up to date on the news of skepticism, reality and the like i think this is actually a good question and i am going to take a moment now to highlight a few of the podcasts that i recommend to the world!

Chariots of Iron

One thing i try to do with my media is to make sure that i get hooked in to the personalities of the people that are a part of the show. One show that i adore for this exact reason is the Chariots of Iron. The three hosts, Joe, Eli and Lamar, take the time to do more than just report the happenings of the world, they let their opinions loose and argue about everything under the sun.

Topics are more likely than not related to religion and the news there-in, but here is a sample episode from a recent episode regarding scientology.

[audio:http://chariotsofiron.com/podcast/chariots_s02_e48.mp3|titles=S02|48 – The Face Of Scientology|artists=Chariots of Iron]

The Atheist Experience

Quite possibly my favorite television show revolving around discussion about religions weekly bullshit. Both of these shows recognize that it is no more important to be an atheist than it is that a pen writes on paper. They work together to illustrate the need for us all to question our reality and question the assumptions that we may be making to get through the course of the day.

I wont bother linking to an episode of the show because i have linked to so many episodes of the show over the years that I’ve been blogging that i should probably subtitle my blog TAE Portal. Either way, here is a beautiful clip i like to listen to when i have a bad day.

The Skeptics Guide to the Galaxy

Getting off the theistic discussion for a moment, a final entry in what could be called my top three list, this podcast is as beautiful as a crimson rose in a sea of white ones. The hosts of The Skeptics Guide bounce around on topics from the controversy between birds and monkeys, much love to Perry, to Carbon Nano Tubes, to a magical leg that was stolen off of a man in india.

This podcast follows suit in that it is also quite a good illustration of the beauty and purpose of getting close to your radio show hosts. I can listen to them on a drive when id be otherwise alone and feel like Jay is sitting in the back seat talking shit about the way my hair is getting messed up with the window down and let bob tell me about some amazing bullshit going on in deep space.

[audio:http://media.libsyn.com/media/skepticsguide/skepticast2010-03-18.mp3|titles=#244 – The Chief Exorcist|artists=Skeptics Guide]

All of these podcasts are unique because they have spinoff podcasts that have specialized their offering to the world. The Non-Prophets, SGU-5×5 and Atheist News are each grand in their own way and provide a lot of material that is useful in all ways skeptical.