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The quotes you chose out of my response were, admittedly, sharpened with condescension and hyperbole. The point I was trying to make is that I, personally and exclusively me, do not find any of the benefits that any person I have discussed Christianity, Islam, Judaism or any other God oriented religious group to be exclusive to that group, and in every case I’ve been shown thus far Atheists do them just as well.

The things you interpreted that I implied – Christians are not logical or Scientifically Sound, Christianity does not provide answers to life’s big questions, Christianity is not true because it is old, Christianity doesn’t interest the intellectual world of today – are acceptable, but not entirely supported by my statement.

*Christians are not logical or scientifically sound*

In this response you made my point before even needing to make it – You cant judge the leader by his followers. This is entirely correct and illustrates why I made the statement regarding logic not being for everyone. When I use the term logic I mean thinking and sheep don’t like to do it. You can judge a person by the people who follow him because, as the old adage states – birds of a feather…

*Christianity does not provide answers to life’s big questions*

As much as one would try, saying God did it is not an answer to *any* of the questions that we can use in this world. You are free to believe anything you wish. To say that Christianity provides answers is to say that no answer is acceptable. It helps no one in their understanding or comprehension of the universe, and in the history of Christianity it has been shown to be outright wrong. Dark Ages, Galileo, Newton and the end of his principia, the witch trials and a number of more influential and overwhelmingly more personal things like slavery, indoctrination, genocides, the views on contraception and the effects it has on the world wide AIDS issues.

This list goes on and on. Mind you im bringing these topics up from memory. With a week of research I can write you an entire essay on the subject, including gay/straight marriage rights, abortion and genetics. The “answers” that Christianity has provided on these subjects is outright wrong.

*Christianity is not true because it is old*

Back in the day it was likely necessary for people to put their laws and civic imperatives in a place that would be unquestioned – hence why they are so numerous in the bible. The history of Deuteronomy is such that it was tacked on as an update and as you read through it, it is clearly as such. Even if you grant that this statement is false, the opposite is not necessarily the case either. I have not said that it is false because it is old anymore than I have said that the plants were here before the sun. This is an exercise in logic that is mandatory for Atheism to be understood, and ill expand on this in a moment.

*Christianity doesn’t interest the intellectual world of today*

As far as popularity goes, this is not a subject needing attention. Regardless of the statistics I never even said this. Popular realms of study include origins of world religions and computers, genetics, morals and so forth. People study what they enjoy and there are many people who enjoy religious views.

So. Those points have been made, I take it you understand my position better and I would like to expand on a statement you made – “man’s disinterest in a subject and the date on the calendar have absolutely nothing to do with disproving something that claims to be eternal Truth.”


As much as I love to have these statements be made, I think it is important that we build this group out under some very clear rules. One of which has to be that the burden of proof lies on the person making the positive claim. Atheism is not a positive claim about anything. It is a rejection of the acceptance of a claim. Here is a thought experiment that will help illustrate this.

You have come to me and told me that you have flown to the moon. Do I believe you?

No. There is an assertion that applies here that was coined by one of my idols – “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Carl Sagan, In his book Cosmos. You may not simply assert that you have done or experienced anything and expect anyone to simply believe you. If it were that way you and I would be unable to not believe anything until proved wrong. That is not the way our minds or our world work, and it cannot be.

In order for that claim to be the case you are going to have to provide me with evidence and show that while the evidence may have been manufactured it is a possibility for you to have achieved some great thing, and for me to stand on the other end of that argument and say I don’t believe you does not mean I actually believe you did not. These are two different situations.

In our situation here, I am not claiming that god does not exist. You are the one who has to put forward some evidence to support your claim that he does, and that he is a Christian God. It is imperative that you are on the right page with this argument form because if it comes up again I will not address it. I will simply link back here.

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